Overall Research

Overall research directions

We are investigating the impact of DNA damage on mammalian physiology during aging and its causative role in the premature onset of age-related diseases, including cancer. We are using a series of genetically engineered mouse models that carry inborn defects in Nucleotide Excision Repair and/or transcription as well as mice that carry tagged versions of proteins involved in DNA repair and/or transcription. This approach allows us to understand how mammalian cells exploit their natural defense strategies to counteract DNA damage-driven pathologies and prolong healthspan.
DNA damage on (from left to right): 1. Chronic inflammation, 2. Nuclear responses, 3. Secretory pathways, 4. Cytoplasmic stress responses.

  • 1. Chronic inflammation
  • 2. Nuclear responses
  • 3. Secretory pathways
  • 4. Cytoplasmic stress responses